Joining Unity Choir

Unity Choir: Welcome Weeks

New singers are invited to come along to try us out at the start of our new term. Welcome sessions cost £5 and are open to adults of all abilities from complete beginner.

Tuesday 3rd & 10th September
The Hetton Centre - DH5 9NE
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How do I join Unity Choir?

Unity welcome new singers on specific dates, usually once every term. We offer a taster session followed by an introduction to singing with the choir over a period of weeks. Your first 'trial month' gives you chance to get to know Unity and get a taste of what it's like to sing with us. Our introduction weeks focus on helping you to find your voice and build your confidence, especially if you are new to singing. We know that joining a new group can be daunting but we'll be there to support you every step of the way. You'll get an introduction phone call and have a choir buddy in sessions to welcome you into the group and show you the ropes. There'll also be the chance to chat to us after the singing over a drink. Use our enquiry form to get in touch or book a place on one of our Welcome Weeks here.

Unity Choir, led by The Singing Elf, Rehearsals at The Hetton Centre
Unity Members

Who can join the choir? 

Anyone who wants to have fun singing weekly in a group!

It really is as simple as that. Don't worry if you aren't sure you can sing, lots of our singers join us as complete beginners often shy and unsure. If you’ve sung before you’ll have chance to brush up your skills and go on to challenge yourself if you wish to. All you need is a love of music and the desire to learn whilst having lots of fun! We have a great mix of ages with men and women from all walks of life. We are a safe inclusive place, everyone is welcomed equally and every voice is valued. There’s no audition, you don’t need to have any previous experience or read music and you won't have to sing on your own.

What can you expect? 

Escapism, laughter, friendship and musical joy!

Our upbeat sessions will take you away from the stresses of day to day life and leave you feeling energised and uplifted. Although you may feel unsure at the start, you will find it hard not to enjoy yourself and you’ll be surprised by how quickly your confidence builds.

Every week you’ll learn how to improve your vocal skills, develop technique and get to grips with singing in harmony. Our sessions focus on building confidence as individuals and as a group, in a supportive, non-judgemental environment where everyone can thrive.

Unity Choir, The Singing Elf - Rehearsal at The Hetton Centre
Laughter in rehearsals
Unity Choir on Tour with The Singing Elf at Local Community Events
Unity on Tour - Hetton Carnival June 2018

Why should I join?

Singing in a group promotes physical, mental & emotional wellbeing

People join our choir for a whole host of reasons but the one thing they have in common is the love of singing and the personal boost it gives them. Some people have always wanted to learn to sing, to build their confidence or are returning after a long break. Some come along for personal reasons, following a life change or difficult time. Others because they just need a ‘night off’ each week to relax. Whatever your reasons, you will become part of a super friendly group, make new friends and have fun trying new experiences.

What will we sing? 

A huge range of musical styles and pieces arranged for choirs.

We will explore songs influenced by musical theatre, pop, rock, gospel, folk, traditional and contemporary music. We will learn some a cappella, some accompanied by piano and others with backing tracks. Each term we will work toward a performance and take part in local events in our community. You'll get the dates well in advance to attend if you can and we’ll make sure we're all confidently prepared and performance ready. There will also be lots of 'come if you can' social nights, meals out, theatre trips, parties and lots more to enjoy as part of the Unity family.

Unity Choir, led by The Singing Elf Social Trips
Unity Social

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